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58 Plymouth Fender Tag?

From: Clay Wood
Remote Name:
Date: June 24, 2003


Ok, I have had my car now for some 7+ years, and am in the middle of my resto (finally!!!). I have read a few posts on the mail list about the body code tags, or fender tags on 58 Plymouth's, but for the life of me, cant seem to find it? There is the little plate on the firewall that denotes the body and make, and the little tag in the door jam that denotes the vin and type. These are all well and good, but I keep seeing people make reference to a body tag, with codes such as paint, interior, etc. Where is this tag located? Any help is GREATLY appreciated!!! Oh, and if your planning on attending Chrysler At Carlisle, be sure and stop by the booth and say "hi!" Woudl LOVE to finally meet some of your fine FWDLK'ers!! I am going to try and have a sitting area at my booth (my stuff doesnt take up a bunch of room) to give people a place to just sit a little and rest some. Come on by! and my cars are now at


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