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why chevy ownrs use 2 hands,mopar MEN use only 1!

From: chrycopsycho
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Date: June 29, 2003


Ever notice that when youre at a local car show and you ask that smug, arrogant chevy owner " whats under the hood". His response typically is to jump quickly in front of the car but do a slo-mo lift with both hands while looking skyward. After many years of analysis and countless surveys I have concluded the following: (1) He's tying to hide his yawn(2)It must be terrible to realize that the "original Idea" that you had for a chevy small block has even been done in milk trucks in Africa(3)God hasnčt answered his prayers yet and therfore he is doomed to spend eternity in a chrysler only molten realm. Of course just my opinion.


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