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Good Point.... Riddle me this, though...

From: Nathan Manning
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Date: June 30, 2003


I'm relatively new to the car show scene... Mainly because this is the first time I've ever had a driveable car worthy of showing. That said, my '56 Dodge Coronet is NOT an immaculate show car... but still it is a completely original vehicle. It's never been molested, tweaked, violated, "improved", or generally monkeyed-with in any way. I say all this to allow some background on a recent show I entered. I was one of three MoPars represented that day... One was a '37 Plymouth with a Chevy 350/350 combo... and the other was a '32 Plymouth street rod with the same power plant mated to a 9-inch Ford rear end. Given the competition, I was dumbfounded when the "Best MoPar" award went to the '32. How does a car that's MoPar in BODY ONLY get such an award? Don't get me wrong, I'm not exactly bitter... and the winner was a beautiful machine. Still, I simply don't understand the logic. Why give the award to a car that doesn't even maintain the integrity of the brand? I don't enter these shows to win... I only enter for something fun to do with my Saturdays. After such a disappointment, I'm glad that I don't seek trophies for validation. Still, I ask for your input on this scenario... Have you seen this, too? And if so, were you one of the "True" MoPars shunned in favor of an automotive Frankenstein? Please share your stories / inspirational sympathies.


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