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Drinkin & Drivin CHEVY's??

From: Neil Vedder
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Date: July 01, 2003


[I don't "get" the bumper-sticker-message, in an earlier message: is it OK to drink & drive a MOPAR, but not a chebbie?] Anyway, the "answer" to your inquiry, about "illogical" car-show ballotting (as well as to political balloting) is that people are EMOTIONAL, rather than thoughtful, in their decision-making!!!! "Emotion" explains why voters are "undecided", and require inflamatory, repetitive advertising, in order to "decide" whom/what to vote for. As Sherwood Kahlenberg said to me @ the 1985 WPC National Meet, @ an evening-meeting : " red cars (like mine) do well @ car shows". I've given up trying to get any awards @ multi-make car shows, as "chrome-["flash"]-conquers-all". Call it "sour grapes" , but I believe that my car was "homered", by the "Home-boys", @ WPC's 1998 Natl Meet--the WPC meets are judged by ALL of the car-show participants, instead of by 'experts' in each of the model-year-groupings. At the 1983 Lake Tahoe Natl Meet, I was approached by a nice woman, who told me that she "liked" my car, but that she "couldn't" vote for it, because I "would" receive "all" of the CA-member votes! That comment 'blew' my mind, & I never forgot her words (My car happened to win its class). In the 2 other Natl Meets it attended: 1986 (Colo Springs) & 1987 (L.A.) it also won its classes, so the car is nice. Anyway, for the 1998 Natl Meet, I believe that the car was in the "best" condition, it's ever been-in---here comes the 'moral' of my story--a lot of Californians have recently relocated to the PacWest (a term called, colloquially: " Californication", but I digress.) The factor that, I believe, distinguishes my car, @ shows, is/was its undercarriage detailing, & I placed an 'angled' dressing mirror behind its rear bumper, so 'you' could see 'it' while standing behind it. Anyway, By my observation of 'my' class, a 1958(?) Fury & my 57 Dodge were the 'best-restored' cars. What HAPPENED, coincidentally, I'm sure, was that all 3 'winners' were from OR/WA (but I 'believe' that they were all from OR)--the 3rd place car was a 59 Sport Fury, painted in 58 Fury 'color', but with "CROSS-RAMS" (intake manifolds/carbs, introduced in 1960). The 2nd place car was the aforementioned Fury, but the 1st place car was a 58 Custom Royal,convertible, in arguably "high-#-3/low #2 condition--tired looking interior, 'shown' with its top-down, but which was owned by a well-known local man. The car had been all-black, but repainted red/white, & was originally, not a D500, but "converted" to Super-D500 carbs, with inaccuracies in its under-hood detailing--Oh, did I mention that he also happened to have/show a cute PEDAL-CAR "miniature-replication" of his car, in front of it, too? So, never underestimate the power, & influence, of prejudice and/or EMOTION, in understanding peoples' actions, and decisions. Neil Vedder Bishop, CA (real red/white 57 D500)


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