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Re: 1957 Dodge

From: Shawn Cripe
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Date: July 01, 2003


Wow! Thank you guys so much for the positive comments and feedback. What a nice bunch of people. Okay, for the specifics on my 1957 Dodge. I have been calling it a Lancer because I read somewhere that 1957 hardtops, whether they were 2 or 4 door, were given the Lancer name. Is that right? Anyway, I have always loved Chrysler products mainly because they had far better styling than other cars of the 50s. I have been looking for a 50s finned car for a long time and I started searching the internet. I live in Sedalia, Missouri, which is just about 90 miles west of Kansas City. On one of my internet searches, I came across an ad in the Salina, Kansas, paper for a 1957 Dodge Royal with 79,000 miles. The asking price was $3,000 (which I did not argue with - I just felt it was a really good deal). Anyway, the car has always been garaged ane I am only the 3rd owner. The gentleman I bought it from lived in Naponee, Nebraska and he bought the car at auction in 1996 from the estate of the original owner - a Mr. Loren Rosentreader from Alma, Nebraska. The car has manual steering and brakes - something to definitely get used to!- and it has the tinted windows. I have the standard push button radio - which still works and heat. Beyond that, as far as I know, there are not any other options. I don't have a clock and the hubcaps are not the spinner type - they have the knight's helmet in the middle. I do have the little chrome guards at the front edge of the rear wheel wells, and as far as my Dad and I can tell, it is the original paint on the car. We may have to repaint the white areas because of a lot of gravel chips and scratches (my Dad has done bodywork for over 30 years), but I think we are going to polish up the coral color and see how it turns out and maybe leave it. The only thing that I would like to change in the interior is the floor - it has the rubber mat which is not too bad, but I thought carpet would be nice and it will need new kick panels and a rear package shelf. But the seats and the door panels are great! The passenger side rear door armrest is broken - so I will have to find one of those, but the rest is just too cool. It is grey vinyl with black and white plaid inserts. Anyway, I am just really excited and look forward to fixing the few things it needs - such as the dash lights and dome lights which are not working, along with the back up lights - and getting the old girl back on the road. Sorry for such a long post, but I can really get to talking about the old car. Thank you so much for this website and for your interest! I do have pictures, but I am not computer savvy enough to do anything but email them. Ha! You guys have a great day! Shawn


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