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Any good uphoulstery shops near you? (& What the heck was up with Lars?)

From: Daven Anderson
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Date: July 01, 2003


"The only stupid question is the one you don't ask": We all have to start somewhere when asking questions, and this board is one of the best places to ask such a question. I would have given ANYTHING for this board's existence twenty years ago! Lars must have been really mad about some other thing, but he had no right to berate you for asking a question. THAT'S WHAT THIS BOARD IS FOR!! Now anyway, onto an answer for you. You don't really need to hunt down specific repros/NOS of these items unless you are attempting to a concours frame-up restoration. Any uphoulstery shop worthy of the name should be able to make pieces to fit those areas that should look good. I made new kickpanels out of fiberboard and Bondo for my '61 Fury, which are covered in black cloth and each has an 8" woofer speaker in it. They look more 'upscale' and modern than the original plastic kickpanels, which I removed and can replace at any time. I don't cut original doorpanels for speakers, and new kickpanels take much less time than making new doorpanels! Many of the restored cars I've seen have had local shops do the back parcel shelf area, and in a few cases new kickpanels molded out of Bondo made to look like original plastic ones. New parcel shelf and kickpanel uphoulstery allows you to conceal speakers and still look good.


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