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Chryslers at Carlisle 2003

From: Dave Stragand
Remote Name:
Date: July 02, 2003


Hi All, It's about a week until Chryslers at Carlisle. I'm scrambling to get my front discs and suspension done, and make some arrangements for the event.

 You can sign up online at or at the event. Please make sure you put "Forward Look Network" under "club" if you can. I didn't reserve a big party tent this year, as the GFS will have one, but I should be bringing a 10x10 EZ-Up tent. If things go well, it will have the big "flookerangs" (Forward Look Boomerangs) airbrushed on the canvas, and a big Forward Look banner on the side. It will be out on the Fun Field, near the Forward Look cars. Feel free to hang out in the tent even if we're not around. We'll stock a cooler with a bunch of free soft drinks, so help yourself.

I suppose we can just do as in previous years, and have our 'banquet' on Saturday at that tent around 5 or 6 pm. My girlfriend Juley will be coming as well, and she has been planning to make cookies and things, so the dinner may have more of a woman's touch this year. (We probably need that... =) ) We're planning on going up on Wednesday night.

We pretty much have gathered at the tent each evening to just hang out and talk cars. If my list is correct, the following folks will be attending. Please chime in if I missed your name!

Dave Stragand and Juley Rycheck - PA
John Diekewicz Jr. & Sr. - PA
Ron Waters - MA
"Forward Look" Frank - MD
Glenn Barratt/57 Fury - New Zealand
John Parker/58 Fury - New Zealand
Justin Cardon/57 Skyliner - New Zealand
Clay Wood - TX - H-112
Ron Allyn Swartley - PA
Paul Schmidt
Dirk Brandwijk & Family - The Netherlands
Jack Johnson - PA - I 132-135
Nick Sperduto - NJ
John Paxos - NJ
"Alumcan" - WV
John Teske - VA
Bob Merritt
Pete Fitch
Mark Souders
Bob Levanduski
Larry Stanley - OH



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