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1957 Dodge

From: Shawn Cripe
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Date: July 02, 2003


Hi again everybody- First off, I want to thank everyone who responded to my post on Monday and shared in my excitement for my new "old" Dodge. Already, I have a question that I wonder if anyone can help me with or point me in the right direction. My dad has been in the auto body business for over 30 years and even he is stumped. We have been working on the car over the past couple of days and have gotten everything working great except the dash lights and the back up lights. I know without back up lights I am going to have a tough time getting her to pass inspection. What we were wondering is if there is some kind of relay or contact in the push button mechanisim that activates the back up lights. The wiring for the back up lights is tied into the taillights which work just fine. Also, in the owners manual that came with the car, it mentions a few fuses and some circuit breakers. We absolutely cannot find these on the car. Can anyone tell me where they are located? Dad has even called some mechanic friends of his and they couldn't tell us either. And, finally, could it be a fuse or circuit breaker that is keeping my dash lights from working? The dome lights, license plate light and the high beam indicator light all work, but the dash lights do not. Again we are kind of stumped. I hope that I am not aksing some obviously easy questions, but I know you guys will have some direction for me and my dad. Tnanks so much for everything and have a great day! Shawn - 1957 Dodge Royal Lancer


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