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Congratulations on the 58 Plymouth

From: Dave Lisiecki
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Date: July 02, 2003


Arthur (great name by the way) , congratulations on your purchase. I'm older than you, but you wouldn't believe all the disbelief when I sold my '70's muscle car for a Forward Look Car. But I've never regretted it one bit. In the couple years I've had to "shift" my thinking, I've seen 60's - 70's parts being reproduced more, but original stuff going for way inflated prices. I've found that generally Forward Look stuff isn't any harder to find, and there are some dedicated people (Like Gary Goers) reproducing stuff and there are lots of people willing to help. You are on the right track reading here, because this is where I got most of my learning so far. That and a few individuals who have personally helped me with parts and info. Sometimes people I buy stuff from or even bid against turn out to be the greatest contacts and friends. You are just in the beginning phases and it's a fun road. You've got more time ahead of you than most of us to enjoy your hobby! Quick suggestions people have given me (perhaps this is along the lines that Lars was trying to say) is to get a game plan to keep focused and not get scattered (my big fault), read all these posts and all the archives (and I always try to check the archives before I post a question); look for and save or bookmark all the great contacts you will find, from parts reproducers like Gary Goers and Andy Bernbaum, to specialty wrecking yards you find, and neat sites of other clubs like the couple of Chrysler 300 clubs. Use internet search engines and you will find lots of stuff. If you don't have them yet, get a factory service manual AND parts manual (someone reproduces many on CD format, too) and get a Hollander Interchange manual for your years, which you can still buy new on-line, by the way. And join a club - especially if you have a local chapter in your area. I'm sure us old farts will love to see a younger person around who has just entered the hobby. I know this is kind of obvious stuff, and I apologize for that. Looking forward (no pun) to hearing about the progress on your car.


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