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A long time ago there was a 16 year old who bought a '61 Plymouth for $400

From: Daven Anderson
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Date: July 02, 2003


And that 16 year old was me! My best resource was Hemmings Motor News and its numerous advertisers, but some local people actually knew a bit about my car and how to fix it. Notice I said 'some', even one 16 year old Auto Shop student knew more about that car than many of the local wrenches (then again, I HAD to, just to keep it running!)... Certainly Lars did have a point about that the Plymouth and Mopar clubs both locally and nationally will be of invaluable help to you, but I can say that if existed since the early 1980's I would have saved thousands of dollars and several hundred hours of labor on my various cars! You'll end up doing your homework with a car like a '58 Plymouth (I got good with inventing substitutes for parts!). Scrolling through the FL archives would be good (I know it can take a long time!), and any good local shops in your area can be very helpful. You actually have more resources available to you as a 'newbie' than I did 20+ years ago. Congratulations on getting your car, by the way!


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