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Re: Maxing a 318 poly help

From: Ron
Remote Name:
Date: July 02, 2003


Dean, I started racing Plymouth Furys back in 1957, I ran 4bbl, 2/4 bbl and 3/2 bbl The 2/4 bbl worked best. Chrome the engine up and detail it to the max. If you want the best performance from a mopar for the least amount of money CHANGE TO A 373--391--410 REAR. It will scream so loud through the carbs no one will want to run you. The down side is your gas mileage will be about 8 to 10 miles to the gallon. When I dropped out of racing in the 80s and sold my 3 Superbirds I had won over 300 drag strip trophies and set one national and 3 regional records. Take out that tired 331 or 336 rear, it is a bad choice with 2/4s. Good luck with your Mopar. Ron


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