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Re: opinions?

From: Jim Lusk
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Date: July 03, 2003


Lars, I did not respond to your reponse, but here I'll see if I can shed a little light on it. Yes, research is a great thing. Yes, young people don't do much of it. Yes, car people tend to have a hard time finding their local library. However, forums like this exist as one of the research tools for the people new to this hobby. Most of us did not have the internet when we entered this hobby (for me it was 1977) and relied on older people we knew for help with these sorts of questions. I now consider myself one of those older persons and I like to help out. The only time I might get a bit irritated is when the same person keeps asking the same question because he doesn't like the answer from the experienced among him. Jim Lusk Playing with Mopar a-bodies since 1978.


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