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The rest of us disagreed with your harsh tone, that's all!

From: Daven Anderson
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Date: July 03, 2003


Actually your point of view WAS presented by yourself, and it's still on the board for all to view, so you can't say your opinion is not being presented. If you think that Arthur Ash should not ask any questions on this board, and should instead research his car only from Mopar-related clubs, that's your opinion. Perhaps you think that since Arthur is 18 years old, new to this hobby, and not as informed as other people on this board are, he is not qualified to own a 1958 Plymouth! If you do, that's your opinion! There's always a few people that think that young persons should not own collector's cars (I ran into this myself when I was in my teens!), and won't help a young owner of such a car. Certainly your basic point that he should do further research on his car is valid, but when he asked his question here he WAS doing meaningful research for his car. This board is the perfect place to start asking questions, and even the most experienced and knowledgable of us have asked questions on this board. No one knows it all! That is why Dave Stragand created this website, and the responses to your post make it clear that most all of us on here have a clear understanding of this purpose. Again, I say you should never berate somebody just for asking a question. If someone posted on here "Should I put a 350 Chevy V8 in a 1958 Plymouth?", I wouldn't berate them for asking that BUT I would only be too glad to give them many reasons why they should not do that! We just had the post recently about where Dennis asked about swapping a GM F-body front subframe into a '55 Dodge, and our members gladly pointed out the advantages of using a Mopar F-body subframe instead (indeed, I know of a '53 Ford F-100 pickup with a 383/727 and a Volaré front subframe!). When you think about it, when you told Arthur that he should do 'legitimate' research instead of asking a question here, aren't you implying that this board is 'illegitimate' by default? So, you might think this board is 'worthless', and if you do, that's your opinion! I would disagree......


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