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Re: opinions?

From: Billy-Jack Ebare
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Date: July 03, 2003


I'm with Daven on this one.. (Not often I'll say but anyone who posts a question on this website, no matter how mundane it may seem has the right to a decent answer... Like Daven, I have been a long time Mopar owner/restorer, and I remember the days when you were lucky to find one or two articles posted a year in the more popular mags about the forward look Mopars.. I'm pretty sure I have every one of them in my old magazine archive, as I bought every one I found. Us old guys in this hobby remember how it used to be. So never, never, never, question a question. Opinions are one thing, but making someone feel like they need to rethink something for no reason is nonesense. I help everyone that I can in this hobby, for the simple reason that some day there may be just a few more old Mopars cruising the highways because of it. When we start talking the way you did in that email to that fellow, it sounds as though this hobby is becoming a high priced club for the elite. Shared knowledge is the best knowledge in this hobby... Because it's free! Research that!


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