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From: lars
Email: lars in michigan USA
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Date: July 04, 2003


Hope this true scenario sounds familiar--- So there I was, just over 16 and buying my first car!!!! A 37 DeSoto 4 dr touring with about 4' legroom in the rear seat. And no first gear, you started in overdrive second. It wouldnt drive over 30 mph without a severe shimmy. Course I had NO idea what it was. Took it to a gas station, they put it on the lift, and in 15 min had the shimmy fixed- a loose shock!!!!! A few days later I was exploring under the hood and there was this loose 'thing' that appeared to do 'nothing' so I took a hammer and knocked it off. (it was the heat riser valve counterweight...). Later after that it wouldnt start after being parked at a friends house. A buddy pulled the fuel line off at the carb and I cranked it, no fuel out. 'Needs a new fuel pump' he said. So I biked down to the Western Auto and bought one. I started to put it on and discovered the problem- only one loose bolt holding old fuel pump on!!!! Tightened it and we had POWER!!!!!!!! Ah yes. We need all the tools we can get to properly diagnose and work on our motorized chariots. Ignorance is not bliss. Dozens of posts to this list are a poor substitute for genuine DIY helps, IF thats IF you want to fix your gem efficiently and correctly. All IMHO of course.


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