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Re: ????????? What's the purpose?

From: Herman Parker
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Date: July 04, 2003


I'll start off by saying, this is the first post I've ever made anywhere, calling a fellow mopar guy to task and have promised myself it will be the last. I checked the last 4 posts you made. Every single one was in the same vain. "get a book", "get a manual", "read a hot rod magazine", "go to the library", etc It's hard to believe you are stubbornly continuing with this line of posting. Haven't you noticed not a single person has come to your defense? It's obvious you don't get it, so why continue? What is your point? Spell it out more clearly so the rest of us dense morons can understand. Is there a book we could all read to get a better understanding of what your point is? Looking back, I don't see any helpful posts from you at all - it's as if your glass is always half empty. If you have the background and knowledge to help a fellow mopar guy and didn't - shame on you! If you don't have the background, why make a negative post? I've known mopar guys from every walk of life in two different countries and can safely say your attitude of belittling a fellow mopar guy is foreign to me. My hope is that it's a temporary condition and a cure is close at hand. Herman


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