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So if I devise a DIY repair, I can't tell anyone else how to do it?

From: Daven Anderson
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Date: July 04, 2003


I guess in Lars' view, we all have to learn DIY repairs as individuals, that if we find a way to save time and energy for other people with the same problem, we cannot tell them or they won't 'learn' anything (at least not on this board, through the Mopar clubs 'might' be OK by his standards!). Then again, why even HAVE Mopar clubs if the only way we can 'learn anything' is through individual DIY experiences? In Lars' view then, the only truly 'learned' auto mechanics reside in Cuba, where all auto mechanics are truly DIY! So to Lars, it's not just this board that's worthless (A dozen posts doesn't equal one DIY experience? Reading one post might SAVE you a dozen DIY experiences! Or does this make too much SENSE?!), taken to the only logical conclusion the clubs he advocated are also worthless!


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