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Re: 1957 Dodge

From: Mopar Randy
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Date: July 05, 2003


The backup lights are controlled by a switch which is mounted on the push button assembly in the dash. The power for the switch comes off the back of the fuel gauge, if memory serves, and is powered when the ignition switch is in the "on" or "accessory" position. There should be a white wire from the switch to a polaraized connector under the driver's kick panel which sends the power back to the lights. Check the continuity of the circuit for troubleshooting. As for the dash lights, Check that the orange wire(s) feeding the dash lights are connected to the terminal at the back of the headlight switch. If the orange wires are connected, try applying 12 volts to the terminal (where the orange wires all connect) and see if the dash lights come on. The most likely culprit is the headlight switch itself. As for the fuses and breakers, the principal circuit breaker for the Dodge is built into the headlight switch. Additionally, a circuit breaker can be found on the back of the wiper switch to fuse the wipers, and, depending on how your car is eqquipped, two more breakers can be found under the driver's side kick panel to fuse the electric windows and electric seat. There are only a couple of the glass fuses in the car, one for the radio (does not control the dial light as that is part of the dash light circuit) which is located at the side of the radio in one of the little holders, and another for the dash clock, which is a little tiny fuse mounted on the back of the clock where the hot lead comes in. In the 57 Dodge, the headlight switch is the electical king. If it is bad, a lot of stuff won't work. Good luck with the Dodge. Mopar Randy


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