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Re: Good Point.... Riddle me this, though...

From: Kenny J.
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Date: July 06, 2003


I remember when we put on a Mopar Muscle Club "Show and Shine" at a dealership back in 1981 or so. Somebody showed up with a '34 or '35 Ford pick up that was powered by a 340 Six Pack, a 727 Torqueflite and a Mopar 8 3/4 rear end. Since the engine was visible and the show was to promote "Mopar Muscle", we let him in. We also allowed all Mopars, whether or not they were actual muscle cars. Some clown in a rusty Chevelle kept driving by heckling us by yelling, "Mopar is no car but a tow car!" One member tried to get a buddy who was a state trooper to park his '78 Fury cruiser out front (to silence the critic in the Chevelle), but we decided that would scare away some of the participants as well. :-) I


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