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Re: c body rear end swap. ????? s

From: nic
Remote Name:
Date: July 06, 2003


the c-body rear will fit. i put a 65 chrysler 300 rear end in my 60 dodge and it just bolted right in. before hand, i put the two (old and new) side my side, and the track difference was about and inch... so a half inch on each side. and the driveshaft bolted right up no problem. the rear-end in your 57 and my 60 are the same. it really is a piece-of-cake to do... even easier if you have someone to help. plus, you'll never have to deal with the drum puller, over-priced wheel cylinders or unavailiable shoes again. it's a great swap because the wheel cyclinders and shoes are availiable, over the counter, at most auto parts store for cheap. and also, i did find out that the big chrysler c-body cars have slightly large brake drums than the plymouth fury or dodge polara-- so if you go to a wrecker make sure you get the right components. and be sure to check for the metal tag on the new rear... it should have the gear ratio stamped on.


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