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Re: Maxing a 318 poly help

From: Dean
Remote Name:
Date: July 07, 2003


Ron,Geoff, Thank you both for your replays and help. It's vey much appreciated. From your suggestions and hours of resheach both here, on the net, and some Mopar locals I'm in the process of creating a build sheet for this great engine. As the car is running very well now I have the luxary of taking my time until I actually pull the trigger on the rebuild. Any other suggestions, websites or information you or others have is greatly welcomed. One more question. Has anyone here ever or know of anyone who has ever supercharged a 318 "A" Ploy and if so what type of blower did they use for a 2x4 set-up or is there even such a thing out there? I've searched all my resouces to find out if this is possible and have found nothing so far. Thanks again for you suggestion and valuable information. Dean


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