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Re: '62-64 pushbutton 727

From: Jeffc
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Date: July 10, 2003


The trucks used the cable shift A 727 till at least 67, you will need the earlyer valve body to make it work though. The there is a parking sprag on the post 64 truck tranys, like what was used in cars, trucks 64 and before still had the drum e brake on the rear shaft. Cable shift was also used in cars till 65, one year only column shift cable linkage, differant valve body also, but same case as the alum push button. Cast iron case is its own thing. I have heard some say that the truck trany are differant than the cars, there not, unless you are talking about the short rear shaft A727 (used in A100 vans and 4x4s) or the A727 (trucks 62 to early 65) with the e brake drum. Otherwise they are the same trany. Loadflite or Torkflite same trany, A727 A or B is differant A=small block, B= big block, all inturnals are the same (except valve bodies). There is a front pump and converter change in the late 60s, but it will even swap into the earlyer alum case (good up grade in earlyer case). Jeffc


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