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From: herman40351
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Date: July 10, 2003


Hey everyone, A friend of my dad, told me the other day that he knew where there was an old Plymouth sitting in the woods. I asked him if he would show it to me and he said sure. I went uo to his house to day, and we walked back in the woods around a mile on an old road that had long ago been abandoned. At the end of this road was a very old house about ready to fall in on its self, just a wreck. We walked around the house and there she set under 40 years of leaves and rubbage was a 1958 Plymouth Fury. People my heart fell through my shorts. This cars was sitting on what was left of an old concrete pad, So for that it had not sank up!! The rocker quarters and most of the body is in pretty decent shape. Thewindshield busted but all other Glass is good, also has bumper wings 150 speedo, and seven button radio. The odomater is only reading around 45,000 miles. I asked my dads buddy if he knew the owner of the land and he said yes, I went to talk to him and asked him about the car. He said that his older brother had owned the car and lived in the house, but he was killed in vietnam war and the car had been setting there since around 1969 untouched. I asked him what he was going to do with her and he said the he was not going to do anything with it.I asked if he would sell the car, then he told me that I could take anything off of it that I wanted or I could have the hole car if I could get it out of there. I will be there tommorrow cuting the path!!!


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