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From: Joe Godec
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Date: July 11, 2003


The last liar is always the best, so I'll throw the story of my Big-Tailed Beast in. Since I abused a '60 Fury terribly back in '60-'64, that model became my first automotive love affair and in the early '90s I wanted to see if I could find another 2dr h/t with the cross-ram engine. After a number of years, I thought it was going to be futile, but finally in April 1999, I found one here in Colorado in the proverbial barn. It was a rancher's "Sunday-go-to-meetin" car and he did keep it in a barn after buying it new in '60. He had passed away and his heir was selling it, but it was/is in amazing shape -- so complete that it's original upholstery was covered in clear plastic and is mint! With only 43K on the clock, it still had polyglass bias belted tires, but ran/runs marvelously (after I put some decent tires on). There's a picture of it on Al Wilson's 1960 Plymouth Homepage that was taken the month I brought it home. The fender skirts were my addition, but the rest is the way I found it.


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