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Misc. parts

From: Bob
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Date: July 11, 2003


We are in the final stages of assembling our '58 Fury project. It has been 4 years and an amount of $$ that I still can't think about without apoplexy. I am looking for some miscellaneous parts, hoping someone out there might have some leads: 1. Weatherstripping/molding for the windows. This is the metal/rubber part that attaches to the roof - the windows roll up against it. 2. Backup light - not the lens (I have one) but the socket. 3. Lead on someone who can recast my steering wheel - mine is cracked and missing a few segments of plastic. 4. Hub caps - I missed on an eBay bid, but I have a set of 4 for the '57 - with gold circles -that I could swap. 5. I have an authentic '57 Fury "rolling frame" and some miscellaneous parts. I have been holding on to this until the project is finished, which is coming up soon. I either have to store it or sell it (prefer the latter). I certainly don't have the heart to dump it. Many thanks


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