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Re: Mounting a 392 in a Dodge, PLEASE HELP!!!

From: Herman Parker
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Date: July 12, 2003


I dropped a 392 hemi from a '57 Chrysler New Yorker in a '58 Dodge with only minor problems. The Dodge came with a non hemi engine (I can't remember the size though). Using the New Yorker motor mounts, I only had to shim the left motor mount about 3/16" (3 washers) for it to line up. When I pulled both engines, I left each one with its original bellhousing and torque converter on the engine and left the cast iron torqueflite units still in the car. Meaning, I bolted the 392 Chrysler engine/bellhousing to the Dodge transmission that was still in the car. The only other problem I had was the high pressure power steering hose. I had to use the Chrysler pump because I was strapped for bucks and the Dodge unit was bad. I got around that with some fittings. A muffler shop reconnected (cut and welded) the head pipes. According to my trusty "Hemi Engine Data" book, the '57 Chrysler used a center sump oil pan. Since I had no oil pan to steering clearance problems, I assume the non hemi Dodge motor did as well. The only thing I would say is check to be sure the 392 you use has a center sump oil pan and if not, change it. Go for it - it's an easy swap. Herman


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