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Just when you thought the project would never end!

From: chrycopsycho
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Date: July 13, 2003


I've put a full court press on finishing up the 60 plymouth this week.I'm scheduled to work in Bella Coola at the end of next week.Bella Coola is a remote community on the coast of British Columbia. Drivig there is like going back in a time machine to a simpler,older era. I camp out and fish salmon in between doing my job as a roof inspector.The "Chryply" would fit right in here. "Chryply" is 60 plymouth body with 60 chrysler running gear. This includes 383 2bbl,pushbutton trans,power steering,power brakes and finally swivel seats.Original plymouth setup was 225 six,3intree,flintstone brakes,strong arm steering and ultrafirm bench seat.Rearend was changed due to the 225% increase in horsepower.Obviously I've been looking forward to launch day like an expectant father. All my months of toiling in obscurity are about to pay off! erik


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