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Engine miss

From: Restopaul
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Date: July 13, 2003


I have a bad miss in my truck at idle. It wonít even stay running at idle when itís cold. The problem seemed to come on all at once. Itís a Poly 318 with a 57 Fury intake and dual Edelbrock 500cfm carbs. Iíve checked for vacuum leaks. My little neon tester says each plug is firing. I pulled one plug wire at a time to try and narrow it down to one cylinder. Pulling the lead on cylinders 5,6,7 & 8 (the back two on each bank) seems to have no effect. The engine and everything on it has only 7000 miles since new. Iím running a Pertronix igniter and tried their suggestions for rough running. Tried a different distributor cap for the heck of it. Considered swapping carbs from front to back, but I figured I would pick everyoneís brain first. Any suggestions greatly appreciatedÖPaul


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