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Re: slant six 6 aluminum valve cover...worth anything?

From: chuck lowe
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Date: July 14, 2003


hot rod vintage offers aluminum finned offenhauser valve covers to fit slant six for$115.00 new----in the early 70's four of us friends had a 59 dodge stock car with a slant six---guys coming to the house asked what was under hood---they were told slant six---bull they said---in a stock car---start it up---still didn't believe it was slant six---hop in we will take you for a little ride---out the lane nice and easy till we hit the hard road---smoked in first---screamed in second---flew in third---went about 1/8th. mile slowed down smoked a donut---not easily done with locked rear end(gears welded to give effect of full posi.)---got back to the house---well what do you think is in it---has to be 318---nope---slant six---your crazy---i just rode in it---pop the hood---my buddy butch told him i will pop the hood for $50.00 but it is a slant six---the guy left mumbling to himself--- that ain't no dammed slant six---he never really knew what size engine it was---we ran it another 4 or 5 races--- then really did put in a 318 from a cherry 61 ply. convertable i had---junked body---ya i know stupid kid trick---but at the time i was driving- 61 ply conv.-56 crown vic.-57 chevy---20yrs. old---now i am 53---wiser- maybe!!!---but still a kid-yes---later---chuck lowe


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