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Re: Powerflite to Torqueflite conversion?

From: cliff
Remote Name:
Date: July 14, 2003


How did you make out on your conversion? I'm in the process of converting from powerflite to cast iron torqueflite also , but on a 56 chrysler. This is what I have found out. The 55 and 56 powerflites are shorter then the 56-62 torqueflites. You will have to cut the drive shaft about 3.5 inches. Parking brake cable will work fine. The cast iron torqueflite will bolt up to your powerflite torque converter and bellhousing with no problems. You would have to add cooling lines since your converting from aircooled. You have to keep the bell housing with the matching spacer plate. meaning if you use the powerflite bell housing , you have to use the thinner matching spacer plate and the powerflite starter If you use the torqueflite bell housing, You have to use the thicker spacer plate and matching starter. Just keep the bell hopusing with the appropriate spacer. Mix matching wont give the proper spacing


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