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Carlisle '03: Fury Heaven and 'Blokes' from New Zealand

From: Joe Mac
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Date: July 14, 2003


Now that Carlisle '03 is a fond memory, ther are a few things that will stand out as I look back: The most Furys ever assembled in one place. I counted 19 but I heard that 20 appeared (only one '56, the rest '57 & '58). The 3 "blokes" from New Zealand were very cool. I hope they come back in greater numbers as they predict. The mixed breed '57/58 Belvy/Fury that we puzzled over during a midnight tour through the car corral. The "Beast", a radical '57/8 Chrysler Kustom that was only waist high. The swap meet gems like a NOS bumper wing for $15 and a B motor dual quad setup from manifold to air cleaners for $700. If I didn't see these things I wouldn't believe it. Best of all, hangin' out at the Forward Look tent was like being at home. Many thanks Dave!


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