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Re: Contradictory Literature

From: Jeff
Remote Name:
Date: July 15, 2003


Type A superseded to Dexron, which superseded to Dexron II, IIE, III, and now IV! So technically, the current Dexron product is the "correct" replacement for Type A, though there obviously have been changes. I'm no expert on these older TF's, my experience is w/ 727/904. I've used both Dexron and Type F, both w/ good results. The advantage of Type F is that it gives a firmer shift. You could certainly mix the two types, also. ATF+ is for newer (1990-present) Mopar products. It has a different friction coefficient, designed for proper performance of the current lockup convertors. While it may work, I don't know, and wouldn't take a chance w/ it. Hope this helps.


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