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Re: 57 Plymouth

From: Dick Whelan
Remote Name:
Date: July 15, 2003


Hi Wes, I pulled my trans with the car on jackstands using a floor jack and guide pins made from about 3" bolts with the heads cut off. The problem is re-installing it as the alignment has to be near perfect and you have 2 splines and the front pump coupling that all have to line up. Not that easy a job lying on your back on the garage floor! Back the adjuster off on the emergency brake after you have removed the nut with the brake set to keep from turning, a couple of taps with a hammer and it should pull right off. Try Andy Burnbaum or Mitchell Motor Parts for relined shoes or you can have yours done at a local brake and clutch shop. we have one locally, let me know if you have any problem, Dick


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