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56 Carb questions

From: Jim
Remote Name:
Date: July 16, 2003


Background I have a 56 belvedere with a 277 engine. It sat for a 5-6 years and is now back on the road. Engine acts as if it is starving for fuel at the same RPM regardless of whether its drivng or being revved in the driveway, around 45MPH. Tank has been cleaned and sealed, all new fuel lines were installed. Ignition parts have all been replaced including the coil and resistor. These steps were all needed to get the car started initially. I'm rebuilding the 2 barrel Stromberg carberator. Questions The jets and nozzels require a "special tool" to be removed, which I of course don't have. Any suggestions on how I should "improvise"? The carb has already been disassembeled and was remarkably clean on the inside. If rebuilding does not fix the problem where might the prolem be?


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