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38 FORD pickup

From: chuck lowe
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Date: July 16, 2003


31 yrs.ago-------an ex-friend and i was sitting in a bar---talking about old cars---through the course of the evening we decided to put something together---didn't know what---but something fast---in a few days we came across a 38 ford pickup for $25.00---complete except running gear---even had two new rear fenders---same day we remembered seeing an old dodge station wagon sitting in a locals side yard ---inquired---it was a 59 dodge-383-push button auto.-4 brl.-dual point-dual exhaust-new battery---after a little price talk we got it for $35.00---(junked body without thinking about rear end)---mounted engine in truck with solid steel mounts---front and rear---now we have truck with engine and tranny and no rear end---by luck the guy we bought truck off of had a 61 chrysler rear just sitting---got it for free---next step---mounting it---no springs!!!---we got a 62 rambler for those $60.00---made hangers--- BAM---it all fit---drive shaft what do we do---only one way---cut and shorten---we cut to length and another friend welded it for us---perfect even with balancing---the push button assembly was easy to mount--- cut right size whole in dash and mounted---exhaust---we used stock header pipes---no mufflers---wiring---we used bits and pieces from rambler---head lights---buckets from rambler fit right into fender mounted truck shrouds---now time to fire it up---it was a sound to behold---like the roar of a lion---we had put this truck together in haste for one purpose---to take her out on the street and rip the tires off---which we did quite adequately---as kids we wondered how far we could do a burn out---203yds.both tires---for $120.00 we put together a monster---now to the ex-friend---we had this truck for about 8 mos.---my ex-friend decided he didn't want this truck at his house any longer---so he sold it to another friend for $75.00 to use engine in 34 dodge coupe without telling me first---never saw a dime---that was the end of our friendship---the friend that bought the truck for engine---pulled it--- junked body---engine sat and rotted---junked it to---in light of events in the last few days--- i hope everyone finds this true story amusing---please remember---it takes all kinds of people and cars to run this world and freedom of expression is wonderful tool for all of us---later---chuck lowe


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