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Brake converstion tip

From: John Z
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Date: July 16, 2003


Put front discs in my 59 Plymouth using AAJ brackets and adapters. Used master cyl/power booster and pro valve from '75 Plymouth Duster. Everything fit perfectly but had low brake pedal. My original brake setup was POWER and had a 4" spring attached to brake pedal/booster linkage. After a month of screwin around with bleeding brakes, checking rear wheel cyl, changing master cyl, etc., I finally decided to remove that spring and brake pedal improved 100%. I guess that spring was impeding pedal travel. That spring caused me so much *&^%$# that I framed it and it is hanging on my garage wall. This spring deal only pertains to original power brake cars (I had rubber bellows) because my 2 other 59's (non-power brakes) do not have that spring. Pedal still isn't where I would like it to be so more tweaking is needed.


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