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Re: Street rodding at its best

From: Herman Parker
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Date: July 16, 2003


This is street rodding in its purest form. The '58 Dodge with the 392 hemi I mentioned further down the board was very similar. I bought the '58 Dodge for $65.00 (tt&l included) from a dealer and drove it home. It only needed a starter relay and right front lower control arm - I traded parts I had for them. Drove the car for about a year before I lucked up on a recently wrecked '57 Chrysler New Yorker with a 392 hemi. $75.00 later it was mine and 2 weeks later, the 392 had a new home in the Dodge. This car was a lot of fun to drive, started every time you hit the key and was very fast. The coolest thing was, after selling the original Dodge motor and parts off the '57 Chrysler, I wound up with a free car and a few extra bucks to boot. Not bad for a kid making $2.10 and hour with a young family, eh? Herman


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