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Re: 38 FORD pickup

From: chuck lowe
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Date: July 16, 2003


no---------didn't get photos---at 22 i was a self centered alcoholic---didn't care about anyone or any thing---but that was 31yrs.ago---the prettiest car i ever owned is down in the garage---1960 dart four door---por 15d.firewall and frame last week---primered---today---i have stock piled new parts for a year---now i am underway---what i tell people is i am not doing a restoration---but preservation---if it ain't broke i'm not fixing it---i think the only truly ugly car i ever owned was a 61 ply convertable---but i still wish i had her back and all the other classics i have had---but in retrospect---THATS LIFE---later--- chuck lowe


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