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'56 Dodge Custom royal questions

From: John Opet
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Date: July 16, 2003


I just purchased a '56 Dodge and I am in the process of building up info for the light-resto purposes this car needs. I am trying to find out the GVW of my 1956 Dodge Custom Royal 4-door Sedan with the V8 super red Ram engine. Does anyone know this or can tell me where I might be able to locate such info? Also, does anyone know a source for finding wiring diagrams. I saw the threads below about making a new one, but I am not going that deep, I am just trying to track down some gremlins such as the turn singnals both work properly, but whether the left or right one is blinking outside, the light on the left side of the gauge is the one that blinks. Thank You in advance! John


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