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Turn Signal Gremlin Not Necessarily as Such...

From: Nathan Manning
Remote Name:
Date: July 16, 2003


John, Let me begin by saying, "Congratulations on your purchase..." I also have a '56 Dodge. They're neat cars. I, too was concerned about the turn signal deal... As it turns out, the ONLY indicator for the turn signal is on the LEFT side of the speedo. This light should be green in color. What appears to be the other turn signal indicator is actually the HIGH BEAM indicator light... It should be red in color. This indicator should light up when you depress the foot pedal that dims/brightens your headlights. It took me a couple of extra dark nights before I figured this one out. In regard to your other question, what is a GVW? I'm sure I don't know how to answer that part of your question... but I'm intrigued by the initials nonetheless... Again, congrats on the '56. First year O' the PushButtons.


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