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Re: Brake converstion tip

From: Larry H
Remote Name:
Date: July 16, 2003


I did the brake conversion on my 60 Desoto but got the master cyl. from aaj also so I could use me stock canister style brake booster. I am not completly happy with the pedal feel either. The pedal travels to far before you feel the car start to slow down. Probably an inch to two inches before you feel the car slow. The car stops well but the pedal is about half way or more to the floor before it stops. Car stops very straight and true but the pedal just is very soft for lack of a better term. You push the pedal and you have no feel of the car stopping so you keep pushing then it stops very suddenly. Just very senistive. I am getting used to it now but would like the pedal to have more at the top than at the middle. If removing that spring helps this I will try it.


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