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From: Jeff
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Date: July 17, 2003


Look, Dave, all I wanted to do was say farewell to a few people who have helped me here on the board. Then you delete my post. Then you pull a samll part of my e-mail message out of context; why didn't you post the whole thing? Anyway, I joined this forum over a year ago, when I started restoring my 57 Belvedere. Thanks to alot of knowledgeable people, I've gained some good knowledge about these cars. Though my FL experience isn't great, I do have many years of mechanical experience in general, and alot of experience w/ muscle-era Mopars. I always tried to help and offer advice when I thought I could. To all the good people on this site, thank you, and good luck w/ your projects. I'm leaving because I won't put up w/ people insulting me. Your wonderful leader called me dumb in a previous post of his (which he also conveniently deleted) and I don't want to give any dumb advice or ask any dumb questions here. Dave, you've called me names twice now, but you said one of the rules of posting here was no name-calling. Go figure. Hopefully you also delete the replies I've posted recently about trans fluid and a driveability problem; I wouldn't want to lead people astray w/ my dumb advice.


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