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99.9% of us appreciate you efforts, Dave

From: Dave L.
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Date: July 17, 2003


And I'd bet most of us also agree with the decisions you make or at least your right to make them. Your board; your time. Please hang in there Dave - the huge silent majority of us out here appreciate the forum you've provided for us here - the only one of its kind - yet few of us, me included, probably really understand the time and expense it really takes. I don't like board space taken up by tit-for-tat squabbles and having to sort through them to get to the useful stuff. A comparison: One other narrow-focus automotive board I frequent had the same issues and it took a while for people to realize it was the webmaster's board - period. But still, THAT board has to have a moderator that's right on top of people following the rules, being civil, and deleting inappropriate posts. Now, most people pretty much follow the rules, but even at that, the moderator is pretty much monitoring it all day (because he's retired), and that's an unusual luxury we have on that board that we couldn't expect you or anyone else to do. Locally, I have found that the Forward Look crowd is one of the most helpful, laid back, friendly groups around, but if one were to look at this board it would incorrectly appear completely opposite. THANK YOU for the board and thanks for taking the time to clean it up and get rid of the crap.


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