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Re: adjustable shocks for '56 Dodge stationwagon

From: lars
Email: naturally
Remote Name:
Date: July 17, 2003


I would NOT buy shox from Kanter. Those for my 56 where Hecho en Mehico or such, and after 3 months the chromed exposed piston rods were rust coated. Luckily they gave a refund. Go to NAPA or regular auto parts store. Stud diameters are pretty standard each end. Something like a 65 Chevelle wagon should fit, and/or a 65-68 or so Mopar. If I can track down the numbers on mine I will post. HOWEVER they will be somewhat soft. Later I went to air shox which I found at swap meet NOS. MUCH improved, the old rear springs had worked their life out. Stay tooned.


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