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Re: And this is what I get...

From: Webmaster
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Date: July 17, 2003


I don't care who started it actually. However, while scanning for the inappropriate posts, I saw that by far the majority were his. People who post on here and continue to -argue- are idiots, plain and simple, no matter who is "right" or "who started it". You CAN NOT win an argument on a discussion board like this -- all you can do is continue to argue and annoy the heck out of everyone who is trying to discuss FL vehicles. I don't care who was at fault; I just want it to be relatively peaceful. I simply deleted all posts that were argument-related, and suddenly I'm a "dictator"? You yourself just stated that one reason people leave is due to the arguments, yet if I erase the arguments I'm a tyrant? If you feel that way, fine, that's your right. But when I spend approximately $2000 per year for maintenance and upgrades of this site (the new server, sitting here on my floor was $2800, not including software, and that's in addition to the normal expenses), I will certainly reserve MY right to do whatever it takes to keep this a nice online community. Those who have been around here all know I am MORE than fair in these types of situations. Calling me a dictator, when you know nothing about what it takes to run a site like this, is more than a bit unfounded.


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