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Re: Poly 318 Valve covers

From: chuck lowe
Email: sprocket
Remote Name:
Date: July 17, 2003


not to question your expertise---but are you sure they are 318 valve covers---this has been bugging me all day---i have about 3 hrs.trying to get an answer---and this is what i came up with---the only poly engine i have found with 200 advertised horse power is a 1956 ply 277ci.---the scallops on exhaust side of pan are very similar to the poly 318 but not the same---i got hp.rating from motors manual 25th.edition---i have actual photos of the 55 - 57 ply 277 and 58 318 poly in glenn's auto repair manual published by chilton---they even share same casting number 1618721---but the 277 is the only poly i have found with 200 hp.---if i am wrong please let me know---later---chuck lowe


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