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Re: Poly 318 Valve covers( by the old fool)

From: chuck lowe
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Date: July 18, 2003


here it is 6:24am.friday morning and it is still nagging me---did i do all the research i could have????????---NO---although my previous post is correct---it is only correct in part---JON---it seems that your assumption was correct---they are probably for a truck engine---with further research this is what i have found---61-66-(318-1) standard truck motor---comp.8.25 to 1---hp.200 @ 3900 rpm.---torque 286 @ 2400 rpm.---with my first post i did not intend to mislead---it lacked research and for that i am sorry---it seems as though my expertise is at question here and not yours---so there it is in a nut shell(my skull)---later---(THE OLD FOOL)---chuck lowe


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