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Re: Hard to hit the mark when you don't know whereitis!

From: Mike B
Remote Name:
Date: July 20, 2003


Very strange! I would wonder whether or not you had removed the distributor/and or wiring when the engine swap was done. The #1 piston should be at TDC (remember also that the piston is at TDC twice between firings of the plug, once at compression and once on the beginning of the power stroke) when the timing mark is indicating TDC (the mechanical indicator, not via timing light). This also should have your distributor arm pointing at or just before the #1 spark plug wire. So if you did not tear it down past the timing chain when you swapped it out, either the distributor is not on correctly, or the plug wires are incorrectly installed (out of order). One other thing I have been burned by... the distributor cap itself. If cracked, and you have wiped it down inside, the dirt gets into the crack and can cause either premature or way out of whack arcing, making for some really weird timing issues. This is particularly to be suspected if you are running a capacitive discharge type, after market, ignition system. The much higher output voltages can find some very strange paths. Hope you find it is something stupid and cheap to answer your dilemma. Mike


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