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Re: 58 Plymouth Carb aggravation.

From: Herman Parker
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Date: July 23, 2003


Hi George, You have several options, depending on what your tastes are. You could swap to the Holley 2 bbl with 500 cfm, but don't know if you'll need to machine your manifold or use an adapter. With the Holley, you'll also have to rig up your linkage to make it work. Also, your present air cleaner won't work. The Holley also uses a manual choke. Look in Hemmings, there are several shops who specialize in rebuilding old Carter carbs. For reference, I had a Quadrajet rebuilt at The Carb shop in California for $210.00 7 years ago. I boxed it up, called them to say it was coming, shipped it UPS and it arrived at my door via FedEx 2 days after they got it. It's still on the Suburban and I'm still happy with it. I don't know if they rebuild Carter 2 bbl's though. If I wanted to keep the 2 bbl, I'd probably send the one I have to a reputable shop. Good luck, Herman


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