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Re: Change gold sport inserts to silver?

From: Billy-Jack Ebare
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Date: July 23, 2003


In response to your question about changing the colour on the anodized side trim that you have for your 1958 Plymouth. I would strongly recomend that you take the advise Talex gave to you.. To be honest, if you're doing a quality resto on your car, the painting of the trim idea is totally out of the question. Not only would it look shabby, but you would be destroying a perfectly good set of rare inserts in the process. There is however the option of having the set that you have re-anodized in the silver colour that you are looking for. However it would be a much safer bet, and it would be strongly advised that you buy a new set of silver ones from "Mopar Mel, and try to recoup some of the money from the sale of your rare gold ones." I am absolutely sure that someone out there would be very glad to take those nice gold inserts off of your hands, as they are rare as hell, and would be a dream come true for a Fury owner that has been in search of a good set. Parts for the forward look Mopars are getting rarer by the minute. The option of experimenting on perfectly good parts for the sake of just doing it is a thing of the past. Not only is it a shame to ruin perfectly good parts, it is needless as there are reproduction inserts that will work just fine on your car. If you can't use a part without having to ruin it in the process, sell it to someone who can use it for a good purpose. You'll be glad you did... And so will we!


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